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PurMusic, An agency serve Digital score. PurMusic aims to reduce the use of score sheet and PDF. We connect between the musical score sheet creator and the Band user.
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Nowadays technology allows us to embrace not only massive range of editing and processing tools by providing digital and downloadable sheet music, but also gives us a place to share our voice to music lovers everywhere..

Publishers can find scores from the digital score sheet and they can also compose and publish their scores on our site for selling.
After purchasing score it will be appear on your android application (MuDI). Then you can play and edit it. Play MuDi and make music.
After purchasing score you can share it with your musician using your PurMusic android application (MuDi). Data can be transmitted over networks.
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Get standard score and make music

Get the score anywhere any place and make music and perform on live stage using MuDi android application.

Publish Your Score And Get the Value

Publish your score into PurMusic, get it it's perfect value. Your score will be safe in our highly secured server.

Why Choose Us

Get Scores Easily

For Band, we have lots of score in our store, so you can buy scores from us.

Get Score anywhere

You can synchronise your score from anywhere.

Share Score among your musician

Suppose, You have a Band. Your band have guitarist, Drammer and other musician. You can share score according their instrument.

Easy To publish

If you registered as a publisher and have digital score sheet it is very easy to publish and sell to the band

Your Score will be encrypted

We promise that your score will be safe, secure and encrypted.

Sell Your score easily

We have lots of registered band who can buy your score. So, you don't need to worry about the marketing of your score.

Compose Score

Compose score in a digital way and publish them on our site.

Make Money

Composing score you can make money from PurMusic.

Make Music

Get the score from ours and make music.

Our Team

Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success. We ensure individual commitment to a group effort--that makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.

Jack Smith

Siddiqui Noor

Technical Director

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George Wyne

Jakir Hossain

UI/UX Designer

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John Doe

Mehnaz Hossain

Back-end Developer

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Jack Sparrow

Bapy Mamun

Front-end Developer

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